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Energise: The Secrets Of Motivation

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In this book Robert West explores the science behind motivation, delving into the Machiavellian art of persuasion and examining the roles that incentives, praise, and punishment play in our society.

This lively and humorous book reveals simple yet game-changing principles that will transform your understanding of motivation and set you on a practical path to achieving your personal and professional goals.

'How do effective leaders motivate their teams?'

'How can parents stop their children throwing tantrums?'

'How do adverts play on our hopes and fears?'

'How do I resist that last slice of cheesecake?'

Robert West is Professor of Psychology at University College London and an Associate of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change. He is Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Addiction, and he has published more than 800 scholarly works including books on behaviour change and addiction.

Jamie West is a writer, performer, and musician. He holds a BA in English from UCL and an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck University.

Part of the Unlocking Behaviour Change Series

  1. Energise: The Secrets Of Motivation
  2. React: Harness Your Animal Brain
Book author(s) Robert West, Jamie West
Book genre(s) Behaviour Change, Motivation
Total pages 118
ISBN-13 (Paperback) 9781912141135
ISBN-13 (Ebook) 9781912141159
ISBN-13 (PDF) 9781912141142
Being able to motivate and inspire others to change is an essential element of almost all healthcare and public health professionals. Energise: The Secrets of Motivation presents the underlying science and theories of motivation in a practical, applied, and easy to understand format. The book, written as a conversation between Robert West (motivation expert) and his grown son (a musician) uses humour and storytelling to convey complex concepts in an interesting and compelling way.
This is an absolute must-read for all healthcare and public health professions and especially for any responsible for leading change.
"Energise: The Secrets Of Motivation" by West and West (2019) is such a fantastic book for developing a beginners understanding of the role of motivation in explaining and predicting people's everyday behaviours. The conversation style format of the book and the considered use of layman terms to describe key concepts is genius! A truly delightful read.
This is a very readable book which explains complex theories in an amusing and 'down to earth' way. I would recommend this book not only for personal use, but also, as a source for University students as an introduction to the theories of motivation.